While basically just scrambled eggs, which might not sound that exciting, Ethiopia's enkulal firfir is not to be missed at breakfast. Cooked with nitre kibe (butter) it is further enhanced with a combination of green and red peppers, chilli, tomatoes and onions, all of which is scooped up with fresh tasty bread rolls, often still warm from the bakery

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4 large eggs 4 ounces red onion (1/2 onion) 1 to 2 jalapeno peppers (chopped) 1 tomato, whole (diced) Salt and pepper to taste


Step 1 Dice red onion, jalepeno and tomatoes. Step 2 Heat and oil a large pan. Step 3 Add diced red onion, jalepeno peppers and tomatoes, cook until semi soft (don’t overdue it!) Step 4 Crack and stir eggs in bowl, add the eggs and scramble it with the cooked onion, peppers and tomatoes. Add salt and pepper to taste. Step 5 Serve Hot alongside bread. Step 6 Serve with Ful (Crushed Fava Bean side) and with Injera (Ethiopian flatbread or pita bread)

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