Guidelines to cook: 
 Spot yellow onions, red onions, and garlic in an enormous pot over medium warmth; cook and mix until fragrant, 1 to 2 minutes. Add 1/2 cup in addition to 2 tablespoons berbere; cook and mix until consolidated, around 3 minutes. Pour in oil and combine until consolidated, approximately 3 minutes more. Mix squashed tomatoes into the pot; cook until beginning to separate into the stew, around 15 minutes. Add lentils; cook and mix, about 5 minutes. Pour in water. Lessen warmth and stew until lentils are cooked through, approximately 15 minutes. Season stew with cardamom, salt, and ground dark pepper over the most recent couple of minutes of cooking. (Substitute another oil for the canola oil whenever wanted and It might rely upon which berbere powder you use as well) 
 I attempted a lot of Ethiopian dishes including meat dishes, and this was by a wide margin the victor of the pack. This recipe made a LOT of food... The beneficial thing about creation this amount is that it freezes well and is much tastier when you return to it. A fast and straightforward Ethiopian red lentil stew, seasoned with berbere, presented with rice.


• Five yellow onions, minced • Five red onions, minced • 24 cloves garlic, minced • One ¼ cups canola oil • ½ cup berbere preparing • Two tablespoons berbere preparing • 2 ½ cups squashed tomatoes • 5 cups red lentils • 10 cups water • 1 ½ teaspoon ground cardamom • salt and ground dark pepper to taste

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